About us

h2>Low Sugar, Diabetic Luggage for Diabetics

Designed by a diabetic for diabetics, LOW SUGAR luggage aims to simplify their daily. Thanks to LOW SUGAR products, the use of diabetic products becomes easier and more discreet.

Loick Leblond, founder of the brand, is insulin-dependent diabetic since more 35 years old. With his experience of globetrotter and his experience of passionate of sliding sports, and having not found until now Diabetic pouches practical, imagined a range of products answering specifically for diabetics.

luggage LOW SUGAR is structured around the travel time of diabetics and their different activities, and allows them to carry their diabetic products.

Our wallet pouches for diabetic products, pouches pouches for diabetic products, pouches / kits for products Diabetics and pouches / cuffs for diabetic products for sports are developed for men and women with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

& nbsp; We are naturally listening to each of your suggestions if you have ideas for diabetic pouches, or bag / pouches for diabetics, each diabetic with his own experience of life, and not everyone using the same products for diabetics.

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